Match your brand

Consistency drives sales. You can achieve the perfect look with HubRocket’s fully customizable features. Other chat services suffer from outdated and uninspired aesthetic--yours won’t. Switch to HubRocket so you can enjoy up-to-date design and the freedom to painstakingly obsess over every single tiny detail. If you want your chat window to match the colors of Aunt Petunia’s delicious rhubarb pie, we’re not going to stop you. After all, your 21st-century site deserves 21st-century design. The possibilities? Endless.

Social Integration

We’re all about making it easier for you and your visitors. Don’t let them waste time trying to figure out how to get in touch with your business! Handy social integration gives you the chance to showcase your Facebook and Twitter channels directly within the chat client. If no one is online to assist your customers, they’ll be able to send an e-mail without ever leaving your site.

Customizable Forms

Don’t settle for boring, bland messages: robots are so 1980s. Instead, be as professional or as snarky as you want with HubRocket’s custom forms. Include fields for text, URLs, phone numbers, and more so that your visitor profiles will be complete. But wait: there’s more! You’ll also be able to designate different departments for your customers to choose from. That way, when they come looking for solutions, they won’t be stuck with Jimmy from Sales when they really needed Dave from Support.