Chat Reports

When checking chat stats, you want to reduce the amount of conversations left hanging. After all, no one likes to be ignored.

Every missed chat is a potential missed customer, which is why we offer a clear look at the number of missed chats vs. total chats. Just be careful: you’ll get hooked on trying to reduce those missed chats to “zero”.

Timing Reports

We’ve all been customers at some point in our life, and we can all agree that response time plays a huge role in our satisfaction. When service takes too long, it’s natural to feel frustrated. As business owners, it’s important to reduce the amount of time it takes to get things done.

You can minimize your customers’ dissatisfaction by checking HubRocket’s Average First Response Time graph and pinpointing weak links (you can’t hide anymore, Susan!). You’ll also be able to grab a look at the average chat duration to see how much time is spent on average assisting one customer.

Satisfaction Reports

All this data really serves one purpose: it helps you figure out how you can maximize your customers’ satisfaction and keep them coming back. Our satisfaction reports help you see how well you’re doing. Your visitors can rate your service with just one click—you’ll see the grade once the chat closes. It’s just the feedback you needed to perfect the quality of your service.