Welcome to HubRocket.

Powerful yet lightweight, our feature-rich live chat software has been designed to work perfectly for your small (or medium) business.

Realtime Chat

Finally — a chat service that works as fast as you do. Realtime chat ensures that your customers won’t have to wait hours or days to get the answers they need. Customers nowadays don’t have the patience to wait for emails, and we can all admit that phone calls are way too awkward.

Here’s our solution: HubRocket’s live chat makes it easy to start conversations with customers and keep them satisfied, so you can increase sales, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and generate leads. Who doesn’t love instant gratification?

Visitor Tracking

We help you see exactly who’s visiting your site. Curious about where your visitors are coming from? Don’t worry - you’ll be able to see their location, page history, and much more. They might even be aliens from outer space. (Make sure to let us know if they are).

Each customer that comes to your site is tracked as they move throughout your posts and pages, so you’ll be able to view all their juicy details even as they’re visiting. Every report we generate is easy to access and understand, so crafting targeted marketing strategies will be a breeze.

Archives and Transcripts

What common feature do all relationships share? That’s right - history. With HubRocket’s archives and transcripts, everything is securely saved on the cloud. Chatting with customers gives you qualitative feedback and invaluable insights, which you can use to strengthen your strategies. For an even more detailed look, you can filter archives by time, operator, rating, or use our Smart Search option to check by IP address, e-mail, or important keywords.