Install HubRocket on your GoDaddy Site

Note: This guide is for GoDaddy's v7 site builder. Their new offering (GoCentral) does not allow for 3rd party code and so can't be supported. If you have any questions, please contact our support team at [email protected].

It is very simple to install HubRocket on your GoDaddy website. Simply follow the instructions below and you'll be chatting with your websites visitors in no time.

To get HubRocket installed, you need to insert your HubRocket chat code in the Site-wide Code of your GoDaddy website.

  1. Log into your HubRocket admin account
  2. Navigate to Settings (top right corner) -> Installation 
  3. Copy the widget install code for a future step
  4. Log into your GoDaddy account (located in the top right corner of their website)
  5. Expand the Website Builder / Instant Page [1] section and click Manage [2] next to the website you would like to install HubRocket on

  6. Click on the Edit Site button located on the right
  7. Once loaded, click on the ≡ icon located in the top right corner
  8. From the drop down menu, click Site Settings
  9. Click on the Site-wide Code tab
  10. Paste in your HubRocket tracking code (from step 3 above) in the Code to put before closing </BODY> tag (all pages)
  11. Finally, click Publish in the top right corner

And that is it! You should now have HubRocket across all of your pages within your GoDaddy site.

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